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Where does that put us?

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Today was the 36 week ultrasound. We got to see how the baby was progressing. Everything is looking good and he is on track. He is slightly above average size, estimated at six pounds and eleven ounces. That will put him at eight and a half to nine pounds when he is born.

At the last ultrasound he was beginning to develop a melon head, which probably came from me. He decided to grow the rest of his body so he isn't a bobble head doll when he is born. You can't see it in the pictures, but he has hair. It looks like it is just on the back and sides, so he already has the intentional bald man's haircut. As you can see from the pictures he was either pouting or sticking his tounge out for the camera. He was probably cranky because his mother hadn't eaten breakfast yet so she was a little crabby too.




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