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We have a heartbeat

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Today was the third doctor visit, and we were excited as we would get to hear the heartbeat. As long as everything went well with the visit, which it did, we would tell everyone. The heart beat was about 160 beats which is normal, which was explained to us to be 130-180. You can listen a recording of the baby's heartbeat we recorded below:

Holiday visitors

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This week my mom and Bob are coming to visit us. They fly in tonight and will be staying until next Tuesday. During the week they are planning a side trip to Dallas. It will be fun to have them here and we are sure to do many activities, including "forced family fun nights".

It will be really nice to have company for Thanksgiving and see them, since we won't be going to Buffalo this year for Christmas.

Surprise visit to Buffalo

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A few weeks ago, Jason heard he had to make a trip to Buffalo for work. I decided that since we won't be home for the holidays this year, I wanted to go too. I was almost 10 weeks by the time I was leaving. We felt this would be a good time to tell our families as it would be our only opportunity to tell them in person.

Jason went home a day before me, and my family didn't know at all that I would be going home. I didn't get into Buffalo until pretty late, but we went to my parents house and everyone had pretty much settled in for the night. I peeked into my parents bedroom and shocked my dad first. He had to blink a few times to figure out if it was really me. (If you know me at all, you'll know I'm not very good at keeping things from people. It was very hard to pretend I wasn't going with Jason on this trip.) Then I scared my mom. She heard my voice from the bathroom and couldn't believe it was me and that I didn't tell them I'd be home. We told my parents that night and Meg, who was asleep (and didn't remember in the morning). Everyone, of course, was very excited.

Next, I tried to call Kate to tell her that if they needed a sitter for Hannah, that I could do it. Hannah had been sick and they didn't want her to go to her normal sitter. I couldn't get a hold of her, so I tried Joe. Poor guy was so confused! I was pretty sure I woke him up and had to tell him twice that I was in Buffalo and was able to watch Hannah. Kate sent me a text at 5:15 the next morning asking if I was really here. I guess this was payback from trying to call her at midnight!

So I got to spend Thursday with the Toad. Poor thing was so sick. I was obsessively taking her temperature and it was anywhere from 99-103, which was scary. I took her to the doctor that morning and the little stinker's temperature was a perfect 98.6! She was very well behaved and the doctor couldn't tell her enough how super she was. She was, however, not impressed when he stuck the swab down her throat for a strep test. She got pretty upset and slapped his hand! After many suckers (sugar free) and stickers from the doc, we were off to Walgreens for some medicine, and Hannah suckered Auntie M into buying some treats for her as well. Who can say no to this face??


The rest of the trip was great. I got to see Erin, who I haven't gotten to see in a while. We spent some time with Jason's parents, who are all very excited for us.

Now we're home and absolutely exhausted, or at least I am.

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