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First appointment with our doctor

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I went solo to this one, as nothing fun was going to happen. I had an internal exam (the definition of "not fun") and just talked with the doctor. I'm very comfortable with her. She's very nice and doesn't just rush in and out (no pun intended). She gave me time to think about any questions I might have, and just helped to make me feel more at ease.

Our first Ultrasound!

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Today we went for the baby's first ultrasound to figure out how far along we are. We were very nervous and excited for this appointment. They didn't have any trouble finding him, and dated him at 6 weeks, 4 days. This gives us an estimated due date of 6/13/09. As you can see, he isn't much to look at yet, but we already know we love him. (I'm convinced it's a boy).

Our next ultrasound won't be until he's 20 weeks, which puts us at the end of January. At that time, the baby's sex will be determined and we'll see if my "mother's intuition" is right!

First visit with the nurse

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We met the nurse today and got all kinds of information about the baby. I didn't realize all the items mothers-to-be had to watch for and couldn't eat, it was a real eye opener.

We also got a magazine that had all kinds of pictures as the baby develops in the uterus. It is crazy how vivid the pictures are, and how much something so tiny can grow so rapidly.

New Orleans

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Jason and I had decided a few weeks ago, before we knew we were pregnant, that it was time to take a vacation. We decided on New Orleans. Jason is trying to make it to all the NFL stadiums, and the Superdome is the closest stadium within reasonable driving distance that he hasn't been to yet. We did a LOT of walking, ate a lot of good food and went to the Saints-Raiders game. We had such a great time and would highly recommend anyone taking a trip there!


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Appointment scheduled

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Mollie needing instant gratification already scheduled the first doctors appointment. In two weeks we go to see the doctor and see if we can get an ultrasound done.

Hello world!

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Today is an exciting day. After six tests (Mollie likes to be thorough), it's official Ralph/Ralphine is here. I will never forget when Mollie told me. I think I was so shocked I didn't say anything. She thought I wasn't excited enough, but I can't remember being any happier over two simple words, "we're pregnant".

I'm a little nervous to tell anyone until he/she gets bigger. I am excited, but think I will get more and more nervous as we get farther along. Next step is to schedule a doctors visit as we aren't sure how far along we are.

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