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This evening we went out to dinner. Mollie was in the mood for steak, and we had a gift card to use for Austin Land and Cattle. So we got there, it was rather crowded. We get seated and start looking over the menu.

The waiter takes our orders. Rather than letting us order, he keeps interrupting and making suggestions. For instance we each ordered fillet, which comes with multiple sides and a salad/soup. He just spurts off so you will have salad with house dressing and potatoes, before I ever said a word. If I were purchasing life insurance or landing a lunar shuttle I would probably be open to many suggestions since I don't have much knowledge on either. However consider I am probably top 20% pickiest eaters in the US, taking meal suggestions from someone I don't know would be equivalent to taking dating tips from Charles Manson.

We finish the meal and it was pretty good. We get the check and give the waiter the gift card. He is gone for a long time, much longer than one would expect to run the gift card. I'm talking Moses climbing up the mountain to get the Ten Commandments long. Eventually he comes back only to explain the gift card we had was for Austin Land and Cattle, which was all well and good, except for the fact we were at Texas Land and Cattle. This is a completely different restaurant. So we pay for the meal and scurry out in complete embarrassment.

Since we are in the mood for steak about twice a year, I can expect to try a new steak place May-June time-frame.

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what's a url?we were so looking forward to seeing you 2 1/2 at christmas.but we are so thrilled that you're going to have this baby.we'll definitely make plans to come and see you this winter.meg will be out of her cast soon and needs a vacation.can you send this to uncle fred & aunt debbie?they'd love to see it.fred is debbie is'll talk,dad

You should have paid closer attention in reading class!

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