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This site is all about me. It's not anything fancy or pretty. I don't claim this site is all that entertaining either, but I put it up so deal with it. Many thanks to the team and Google for the launch. Thank you for your continued support.

The Real Deal

About Me

My Projects

My Resume


My Capstone (masters thesis)

I did my thesis on the ability of genetic algorithms to create intelligent agents in simulations. I also attempted to illustrate the importance of simulations for real world training. Click here to read it. It is a pdf so you will need acrobat reader to view it.

Scripts and Games

To see current scripts I am working on, and some games I have built click here. I am currently learning PHP and MySQL, so try out my new word game.


Here you can let me know what you think of the site. Whether you think it is great, or the worst piece of garbage you have every laid your eyes across. Try to keep the entries in good taste though. It is also a type of web journal for me to ramble on pointlessly, check it out here. I will add some tutorials on how I got everything up and running. Will continue to be updated, so keep checking.

Update Baby blog on JaJonesy is no longer updated due to resource constraints. Check out the new baby blog to see everything new and great that is Grady.

Great Quotes and Advice

Some quotes and things I have heard over my many years. If you are looking for a good time that will not cost you $1.99 per minute, Check it out here

Picture Time

Here is my picture collection.

Meet the jajonesy team. A chance to see all the people behind this wonderful site.

Site Information

This site was created by Jason Jones and is intended for the use of audiences that have nothing better to do than visit sites like this one. It uses strictly css1, for anyone that was interested. I am currently working on an animated video to open up the site with flash, but I have not dedicated much time to it. Keep posted for that change.

Update - I have finally set up my own server and am currently housing my site there. I still am in the final phases of developing the site. Stay tuned.

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