What am I all about? Hopefully this doesn't turn into a cheesy personal ad. I'm 6'2", blonde hair and blue eyes, I enjoy long walks on the beach while trying not to step on beer cans and dead fish, eating cream of mushroom soup by an open fire, and talking about the future of interior decorating in the 21st century, while enjoying the company of that special somone. If you think you are that person respond to ad #312755.Well, not really. I wouldn't consider myself to be a deep intellectual thinker that is bound to shatter the theories of Aristotle. However I'm not exactly the shallow drip that happens when you don't dry off with a towel after a shower.

I have finished with school, with a Masters in Informatics from the University at Buffalo. It's basically managemetn of information systems for those not in the know. I work for INSTALLS inc as an account manager. I get to manage an entire home installation business, and drive a business that thousands of people use every month. It is a pretty cool feeling when you see an ad or something published online that you helped build. I built this website and the server it is on basically to learn how to do new things.

I have an amazing wife and we just had our first child. A little dude named Grady. Life is good.



This is me and my girlfriend at my graduation. I had to cover my face due to an unfortunate accident involving myself, a bird, a golf cart, a bridge, and a creek. My face was badly mangled and horrifying. Only with the skillfull and swift hands of Dr. Andreas Grasmanis was I able to salvage the remains. Unfortunate for me my face terrifies small children and haunts adults dreams for the rest of their lives. I had to block out my face so you the reader may visit my site again without fear of the horror that my face presents.

This is my late grandfather, he passed away on August 25th 2003, he will be greatly missed. He was a good man that is gone, but never forgotten. My mother and of course myself are also in this picture at Christmas time a couple of years ago. This was before the "accident" in question earlier. Strangely many people say I had a resemblance to Brad Pitt. I don't really see it.