These days I seem to be up to a lot, or at least to me it seems like a lot. Most of these things are old. My days are pretty much spent going to work, trying to get a run or workout in, and hanging out with the family. Pretty much the exact "boring" stuff I swore I wouldn't be doing when I was a teenager, So without further ado ladies and gentlemen I present to you the top ten things Jason Jones is up to:

Learning MS Access and its ability to create databases and such. (mostly done)

Becoming a master using Red hat (linux). An operating system that isn't owned by Microsoft. (umm yeah, getting there)

Working out. Need to become a lean mean running machine. In otherwords to get in shape so I don't end up being a lazy fat ass. (doing better now)

Job hunting. Need to find a 9-5 job. I'm sure my mother would like to see this higher on the list. If it was up to her, I would be scouring the streets right now like a drunken sailor on leave looking for women. (done like dinner, who would have thought my present job would promote me, if they only knew I was as reliable as a rusty meat cleaver in a steak slicing contest.)

Learning how to take better pictures with my new digital camera (thanks Bob). If only out of focus dark pictures could be considered art. (note to self, not an artist)

Setting up a database on my server, for a little study I am doing. Which by the way is not on this list due to the fact that I hope to write an article for the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research as encouraged to me by my former thesis advisor. (getting depressed reading this list, whatever happened to this?)

Try to be a civilized human being and clean up things around my apartment. Mainly so my girlfriend doesn't strangle me with some spare speaker wire, or more importantly so she doesn't make me a "special" cake that has a main ingredient of bleach. By the way this can be harder task than it seems. Mainly because I lived at home for most of my life and had someone to take care of me (thanks mom), and because of that I can be a difficult person to deal with at times. (I don't have body lice so it can't be that dirty)

Working on, maintaining, and learning new features of my server. (what was I thinking on this one, it's just a pc that is on all the time jackass. If I can't figure out how to push the power button perhaps I should go back in that cave I was writing this from)

Working. So sad that one of my most important projects is working. It's one of those necessary evils that I just can't seem to shake. (until companies start taking criticism for payment, this one isn't going anywhere)

and the number one thing that I am up to is:

Singing show tunes while having a warm bubble bath. That isn't exactly true. I just couldn't think of ten projects/things that I do reglarly. (after reading this I decided to put my hand in the window sill and slam the window down repeatedly on it. I couldn't come up with 10 things??!! If anyone heard that small thud, that was my pride hitting reality)