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The following are some sites I have created. They range in styles and color schemes. Although I have always preferred the blue layout. Obviously this site is the one I have spent the most time on, and I am continually changing it. As always feel free to drop me a line by contacting me using the link above. Just click on the picture of the site to naviagate and see the entire site.

This was a contract site I developed for a small PC installation and troubleshooting company. It's a simple centered layout throughout the entire site. The navigation is on the top and bottom with two columns dividing up the content. I even helped rewrite and "jazz up" some of the content.

This was a project while I was in graduate school. I worked with a couple other guys devleoping and eventually maintaining the site. It is still in use and if you click on the picuter will take you to an external page. It is just a basic white layout with internal navigation using drop down menus on the top, as well as events and external navigation on the sides.


This was one of my first sites that was all flash. Some of the alignments are off as it was still in early development and I never got to fix everything properly as the company shut down rather abruptly. The graphics are also very bad, and the overall flash layout pretty much sucked. With better graphics, and some more time to work on the spacing and layout it would have turned out well.